Best Binoculars for Safari

Thinking of going on a safari holiday but don’t know what binoculars to take with you?  Choosing the best binoculars for safari will enhance your trip tenfold as you’ll be able to see the animals up close and personal without jeopardizing your safety. When choosing the best binoculars for this purpose one is often confronted with several options to choose from, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be a difficult decision. In this article we’ll be reviewing the best binoculars for safari to help you choose the right one

Best Binoculars for Safari – What to look for

There are a few specifications that make binoculars good for safari. Try to aim for a magnification of 10x or there abouts. You don’t want something much higher as the image will become unstable and you’ll lose a wide field of view.

The best binoculars for safari are also small in size, meaning that they’re easily portable and can fit into your hand luggage. Also try to aim for binoculars that have a rubber casing and anti-fog lenses, as the roads on safari are often rough and dust can get into the air and obstruct your view.


Our top 3 best binoculars for safari


Eyeskey Binoculars for Adults-10X42 Review

best binoculars for safariEyeskey Binoculars for Adults-10X42 are a high power set of binoculars that are wonderful for general use like watching nature, hunting, hiking, and safari. They have a magnification of 10x and object view diameter of 42mm. They can view objects and animals clearly from 1000 yards away.

The BAK4 prism enhances light transmission through the lenses, producing crystal clear images. These lightweight binoculars also have twist up rubber eyecups and a central focus knob which allows immediate focus on the objects infront of you. In addition, these binoculars are waterproof.

They are also really well priced for the quality of image and focus range, coming in at around $100. We think that they are really good value binoculars for safari, and would be perfect for someone who wants to see the animals clearly without spending a fortune on high tech binoculars.

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Nikon Prostaff 7S 10×42

best binoculars for safari The Nikon Prostaff 7S 10×42 binoculars are manufactured by the Nikon company. Like most Nikon binoculars, these have adjustable eye pieces to reduce eye fatigue and make long term use of the binoculars comfortable. This also makes them great for those who wear glasses as the image remains clear.

The Nikon Prostaff 7S 10×42 binoculars have a central focus system with a magnification of 10x. The objective diameter is 42mm. They are fog proof, water proof and have a rubber coating to reduce scratching and increase grip. They are also one of the best binoculars for safari because of their light weight and compact size, which makes them easy to carry around and have at the ready for any animal that may appear.

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Nikon 7578 MONARCH 5 12×42 Binocular

best binoculars for safariThis binocular is for the serious safari-goer. With a magnification of 12x, the Nikon 7578 Monarch 5 Binoculars has the most powerful magnification yet, meaning that you’ll be able to see every detail of distant animals. The 42mm objective lenses enhance the light entering the prism, reducing dimming that is usually associated with such high magnification and ensuring the images stay sharp and clear.

The large focus wheel allows you to precisely control the focus of the binoculars, and the adjustable rubber eyecups mean that you can see clear images with or without glasses.

Whilst this pair of binoculars is relatively large compared to the other’s we’ve reviewed today, it can be mounted on a tripod. This makes it the perfect choice for long safaris where you get breaks at certain points along your travels, as you’ll be able to set up your tripod and take in the sharp, focused images around you.

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