Bushnell Legend Ultra HD Review

This time we are looking at a Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 10×42 review. In this series of reviews we took a look at the best cheap binoculars in the low-mid price range and the Legend Ultra comes in at the lowest price.

Regardless of being the cheapest, The Ultra is still a valid competitor and offers relatively good features. Good ratings from customers show that a product can be impressive even with a lower price. It’s not an exact match to the pricier binoculars but take a look at the full review below and decide for yourself.

Technical specifications

bushnell legend ultra hd reviewDespite of its low price, the key features of the Ultra are competitive:

The Bushnell Legend Ultra HD comes with a zoom level of 10x. This level of zoom is a good compromise which satisfies most hobby hunters and birdwatchers. This is enough to spot wildlife in a medium range and retain a good field of view. The 42mm lenses of the Legend Ultra provide decent light exposure.

The 42mm lenses are coated with a water repellant which helps in rainy conditions. Unlike its competitors however, the Bushnell Legend Ultra HD does not have multicoated lenses. This could cause some issues with glare. An obvious drawback caused by the lower price.

The waterproof and fogproof binocular comes in a lightweight magnesium chassis which offers two things. A very light weight of only 22.5 Oz but also a bit of a cheap feel. It doesn’t feel like it could take a real pounding.

A long eye-relief is offered and the binoculars come in a soft case. A neckstrap is also provided for comfort but the all-important rainguard is missing from this set. Overall it’s a balance between quality and a low price.

How good are the binoculars?

We tried the Bushnell Legend Ultra HD on a little birdwatching venture. The weather conditions were nice and we had a relatively good time with them. In our opinion it offered bang for the buck and we were left satisfied.

bushnell legend ultra hd review

The Ultra doesn’t quite compare to the little bit pricier models we have reviewed but it didn’t have any serious issues in regard to optics. Something we didn’t like was the build quality. You get what you pay for and with these binoculars it really shows.

Customer feedback

Customers seem to be quite happy with the low-mid price range pair of binoculars. Amazon reviews are 76% 5 star and that is a good result in our books. People like the fact that a decent quality image is delivered for a cheap price. While it might not deserve the “HD” in its name, the image is considered good.

Build quality seems to be the biggest complaint. Customers say that the binoculars feel cheap and tend to break. If you are serious about your ventures, you should perhaps consider binoculars of higher quality.

Wrapping up the Bushnell Legend Ultra HD review

All in all the Bushnell Legend Ultra HD is what you pay for. While it is certainly not the best pair of binoculars, it deserves a spot on our list of best cheap binoculars. We think that the Legend offers a fair balance between quality and price. If you are going on one of your first hunting trips or birdwatching ventures then this might be the pair for you. The build quality is not the best but the image is something you can definitely live with.

bushnell legend ultra hd review

If you are looking for something more long term then you might want to check out other binoculars on our list.

Our Rating 79/100

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